David Vaughan

Dr. David Vaughan has held positions in aquaculture research and development for over 45 years. He directed the Aquaculture Division at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution for 17 years, including the design, build and operation of the 60 acre HBOI Aquaculture Development Park, the world’s only completely recirculating center for aquaculture training and demonstration.

Dr. David Vaughan is often cited with creating the R&D and scale up of clam farming technologies in Florida, and directing the training programs and operations of the nation’s largest hatchery to produce clams used for the retraining displaced fisherman.

He founded and developed ORA, Oceans, Reefs and Aquariums Inc., a large marine ornamental production facility and has worked with Philippe Cousteau and Earth Echo International on coral reef restoration initiatives.

As previous Executive Director of the Mote Marine Laboratory in the Florida Keys, he started the coral restoration program, heralded with developing the new technology of “micro-fragmentation”. Dr. Vaughan is presently helping people globally in this process as a scalable tool for reef restoration as Founder of Plant a Million Corals.

* Dr. David E. Vaughan has previously worked for and with many other marine science organizations over the years and has now retired from those entities and is solely representing Plant A Million Corals until he reaches this goal.